Law and Order

The Liberal National Coalition is committed to ensuring the rights and protection of all Victorians. Take a moment to review our Law and Order policies which ensure a safer Victoria for all.

Mandatory sentencing:

Repeat violent offenders will face mandatory minimum jail sentences for serious violent crimes such as murder, rape, carjacking, home invasions, serious assault and recklessly causing injury. Also, there will be heavier penalties if the victim was an emergency services worker.

Police car ramming – minimum sentence:

Criminals who ram police vehicles will face a statutory minimum sentence of 2 years’ jail, and a maximum of 10 years’ jail, to be served cumulatively.

Bringing respect back to the justice system:

Disrespectful behaviour in court room proceedings which is deliberate, such as refusing to stand for a judge or respect the authority of the court, will be made an offence.

No body, no parole laws:

A Liberal Nationals Government will deny parole to convicted murderers who refuse to disclose the location of their victims and bring closure to their families.

Introduce carjacking offences:

Create new offences of carjacking and aggravated carjacking. These will carry maximum penalties of 15 and 25 years in jail respectively.

Make drive-by shootings an offence:

We are proposing tough new penalties for those who unlawfully fire guns and endanger the community.

Abolish cash payments for scrap metal:

Stolen cars fund gangs and organised crime. We won’t tolerate the booming black market for stolen cars in Victoria.

Deport violent criminals who are not citizens:

Repeat violent criminals who are not Australian citizens have worn their welcome out and should be deported.

Keep police killer Craig Minogue behind bars:

After Labor failed to act, the Liberals put the pressure on the State Parliament to pass legislation to prevent the Russell Street bomber, Craig Minogue, from ever being granted parole.

Reinstate Neighbourhood Watch funding:

Partner with Neighbourhood Watch and provide $2 million over four years to fund locally based crime prevention programs.

Bail – three principles to fix it:

The bail system is broken and needs real reform. It doesn’t need more lengthy reviews. There will be three significant principles to guide our changes to fix the bail system and make Victoria safer under a Liberal Nationals Government:

Presumption of remand for violent offences

‘One strike, you’re out’ for bail breaches

Reinstate youth bail laws which Labor watered down in 2016

Youth Justice:

Name and shame repeat violent youth offenders

We have a plan to put your safety first and place tougher measures on those charged with violent crimes while on bail. The public’s right to know should be a key factor when deciding whether to override any anonymity.

Expose the juvenile criminal history of violent adult offenders.

Teen offenders who commit serious offences including murder, carjacking, rape and assault, would have their criminal history revealed if they went on to seriously reoffend as an adult.

Make community safety the top priority when considering youth parole

The Liberal Nationals have introduced a private member’s Bill to force the Youth Parole Board to give paramount consideration to protecting the public when determining whether to grant parole.

Move Youth Justice from the Department of Human Services to Corrections

Managing youth offenders is a job for the corrections system, not for social services.

Build a high-security youth detention facility for violent youth criminals

With youth gangs running riot, a ‘Supermax’ prison for youth gangs is something that needs to happen. Labor have now ‘me too-ed’ this policy to build a proper high-security youth prison.

Putting victims of crime first:

Put the rights of victims before those of criminals

For too long, our justice system has focussed on the rights of criminals while victims are left behind. Victims of crime deserve more say and influence and under a Liberal Nationals Government, that is exactly what they will get.

Rapid Response Service for victims of crime

A Liberal Nationals Coalition government will establish a Victims Support Rapid Response Service to help victims in the immediate aftermath of crimes, road trauma, emergencies, disasters and critical incidents involving distressing or traumatic circumstances.

Give victims of crime access to criminals’ superannuation as part of victims compensation

The Victorian Asset Confiscation Scheme extends to beneficial entitlements of criminals. There is no good reason why superannuation entitlements should be treated differently to any other asset a criminal owns or may realise at some future point. A Liberal Nationals Government will also broaden the categories of victim that can access victims’ compensation and will empower victims to have a more prominent place in the trial process.