Managing population growth:

The Liberal National government has established a Population Policy Taskforce to ensure Victoria’s rapid population growth is successfully managed.

Alarmingly, the Andrew’s Labor government has admitted to having no policy for population growth for Victoria as a whole – or its regional cities. It is ill-prepared to address the state’s biggest change.

Our taskforce ensures a strategic – rather than reactive – approach to managing Victoria’s growth which is occurring at a rate of 100,000 people every 12 months.

Among other things, our taskforce is committed to: 

  • Growing the entire state through regionalisation
  • balancing population growth geographically
  • developing business and other incentives required to regionalise growth, particularly in declining areas which experience labour shortages
  • Jobs and economic development
  • ensuring regional Victoria has an increased capacity to absorb greater population growth which will support business development, volunteer organisations and essential services
  • Housing, housing affordability and urban planning
  • ensuring Victorians have access to affordable housing and are able to realise their dreams of home ownership
  • ensuring people are offered incentives to relocate to regional areas where housing is more affordable
  • Provision of services
  • easing the strain and congestion on Victoria’s infrastructure
  • providing every Victorian with access to key services so they can live happy and healthy lives. This includes securing adequate resourcing for our schools, hospitals, police and other front-line services
  • addressing the public transport crisis in regional Victoria and elsewhere. The Population Policy Taskforce is committed to investing in infrastructure to expand rail and bus services to improve liveability and connectivity for regional Victorians. After all, V/Line patronage has more than doubled in the last decade and this trend is expected to continue
  • improving the quality of our roads so that congestion is eased and safety and productivity are enhanced