Daniel Andrews must act on drug driving

Victoria’s top traffic cop says drug driving will be the biggest issue for the community over the next two years – but still Daniel Andrews refuses to increase the number of roadside tests or increase penalties.

Assistant Commissioner for Road Policing Shaun Leanne said Police were limited to 150,000 roadside drug tests this financial year and that wasn’t enough.

More people are dying on our roads with drugs in their system that people dying with alcohol – but Daniel Andrews is failing to give police the resources they need to tackle the issue.

Daniel Andrews is also failing to give Magistrates the power to send a strong message to the community, refusing to increase drug-driving penalties, leaving magistrates in Warrnambool frustrated they are unable to punish repeated drug driving offenders appropriately.

A Liberal National Government on the other hand would increase the number of roadside drug test by 1,000 a week and would bring penalties for drug-driving in line with those for drink driving.

Daniel Andrews professes to listen only to experts when it comes to road safety – His top traffic cop is telling him more drug tests are needed. He must listen and act urgently to address this growing problem.

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