Offensive slogans have no place on our roads

The Liberal Nationals support the banning of campervans with offensive slogans from our roads.

When the issue of these offensive slogans was first raised on December 7 2016 – we said, we support the move.

And yet after 805 days of bipartisan support, Labor has still not acted.

Rather than just talking about the issue at a meeting of road Ministers, Victoria should be taking a strong stance and follow Tasmania and Queensland and pass our own laws to crack down on these inappropriate slogans.

Many of the slogans on these vans degrade women and go against the work being done to change attitudes on the back of the Royal Commission into Family Violence.

They are completely inappropriate to be driving on our public roads where they will be seen by young children and families.

A national approach is needed, but rather than just discuss it at a meeting, the state Labor Government should be proactive and start the process of getting them off the road by passing its own laws.

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