A year on – still no sign of Labor’s “expedited inquiry” as port charges continue to rise

More than a year ago, the Andrews Labor Government ordered an “expedited” inquiry into the steep increases in terminal charges at the Port of Melbourne.

We are still waiting for that inquiry’s findings and in the meantime port access charges continue to rise, increasing the cost of every day goods for Victorians.

Stevedore company DP World have announced another increase to its terminal access charge at the Port of Melbourne; increasing to $98 per full container from January 1.

The incompetent Andrews Labor Government left a loophole for these charges to go unregulated.

The Port of Melbourne is already reputed as the most expensive port in the country to do business with producers and consumers paying the price.

Any cost increase hurts importers and exporters and as cost increases are passed back along the supply chain consumers end up paying more.

Labor’s hapless Ports Minister Melissa Horne continues to do nothing – a 12-month wait for a supposedly sped up inquiry is not good enough and now Victorians are being forced to pay the price for her incompetence.

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