After a year, Minister finally finds time to visit Warrnambool Base Hospital.

I’m delighted Minister Mikakos has finally found time to visit the Warrnambool Base Hospital – 12 months after I initially invited her to come and view for herself how outdated the facilities are.

I find it amazing Minister Mikakos says visiting the hospital was high on her list of priorities – she has been the Health Minister for more than a year but she’s only just found the time to come and visit the largest health service provider in the south-west.

If it was such a high priority, why didn’t she visit in May when she visited Terang? Maybe it was because there was nothing for her to open because the Labor Government has done nothing on this vital and much needed project for the past five years. 

I hope the visit is an eye opening experience for her and she sees that the hard working doctors and nurses at the Base Hospital are under enormous pressure as demand for services continues to grow and facilities are struggling to cope.

I hope she will see fit to make a funding announcement as soon as possible so this much needed project can finally get going.    

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