Andy Meddick – the member for selling out.

Animal Justice Party Member for Western Victoria Andy Meddick has once again shown he will put his own interests ahead of his electorate.

This week in Parliament, Mr Meddick voted in favour of Labor’s plans to destroy the CFA – putting his union membership ahead of the people he purports to represent – people who know and value the vital work of CFA volunteers.

Member for South West Coast Roma Britnell questioned if Mr Meddick had bothered to listen to the concerns of Volunteers at the Warrnambool and Portland fire brigades or the more than 50 volunteer brigades across the south-west region.

“Andy Meddick has done a deal with the Labor Government and in turn sold out his constituents,” Ms Britnell said.

“He has handed control of the CFA to his union mates in the United Firefighters Union and he must come clean on what deal he has made to secure his vote.

“This latest sell-out follows on from his attacks on farmers and supporting vegan activists storming onto farms, stealing animals and calling for an end to animal agriculture.

“Andy Meddick represents a minority of Western Victorians, he has proven time and time again he will put his constituent’s views second.”

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