Another Andrews Failure

South West Coast MP Roma Britnell has expressed her deep disappointment in the Andrews Labor Government’s failure to adequately invest in the region’s social and public housing.

“The lack of affordable housing is a significant issue in South West Coast” Ms Britnell said. “Many individuals and families are struggling to make ends meet and the number of people without secure accommodation is on the rise. The Government needs to do more.”

The Andrews Labor Government’s 2020 promise of $25 million for social housing in Warrnambool will have little impact on the increasing number of homeless families across the South West Coast region due to the significant and long standing public housing wait list.

“With the looming State Budget, the Andrews Labor Government has the ability to finally step up and address South West Coast’s housing crisis” Ms Britnell stated. “South West Coast’s public housing wait list grows longer every day and this Government is not doing anywhere near enough.”

“I call on the Andrews Labor Government to take immediate steps to invest in social and public housing in South West Coast” Ms Britnell said. 

“This Government must recognise that everyone has the right to safe, secure and affordable housing.”

“The time to do something about homelessness in South West Coast is now” Ms Britnell stated.

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