Another new tax from the Premier who promised no new taxes

Reports that Daniel Andrews is planning on waving through a new, never-ending tax on every container imported through the Port of Melbourne is more evidence that Labor just can’t manage money.

Victorians suffering under immense cost of living pressures will be aghast that Daniel Andrews wants to impose yet another new tax in Victoria where we already hold the unenviable record of being the highest taxed state in Australia.

The community understands that taxes need to be raised to fund our health and education systems, but when a new tax is introduced to line the pockets of a multi-national corporation, that’s beyond the pale.

The rail infrastructure upgrades at the Port of Melbourne should be funded by the State Government, not with a $15 tax on every container to arrive in Melbourne forever.

Whether it’s Daniel Andrews or Bill Shorten, Labor loves new taxes and making Victorians pay more.

This new tax is likely the first of many new taxes that will be announced in the upcoming delayed state budget, and from all reports, it looks like it will be a shocker.

As the saying goes, when Labor runs out of money, they come after yours.

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