Be kind to those being asked to do the Government’s job

Member for South West Coast Roma Britnell is urging people to not shoot the messenger and be kind to staff who are being asked to enforce the Government’s restrictions.

People working in local retail and hospitality businesses are required to ask people for Identification to ensure they aren’t travelling from Metro Melbourne.

Customers will also be required to check in with a QR code at all store – including supermarkets – no matter how long they are planning to stay.

Ms Britnell said she was concerned the Government was asking people working in these settings to become enforcement officers and encouraged people to remain calm and to not get angry.

“This isn’t a job these people want to do and not necessarily one they should be asked to do,” Ms Britnell said.

“So I’m asking people to be calm, to be kind and to not take out their anger on people who are just doing what they have been asked to do by the Andrews Labor Government.

“There’s no point shooting the messenger.”

Ms Britnell said the system was aimed at ensuring people from Melbourne were discouraged from travelling to the regions but she was concerned about the level of reliance being placed on business owners and workers to enforce the rules.

“Businesses are already doing it tough coming out of their fourth shutdown – I understand why this is being asked of them, but I’m just not entirely comfortable with it,” she said.

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