Bin taxes to hurt South-West Coast residents

Residents across South-West Coast will be paying more for waste collection thanks to an Andrews Government hike in the Municipal and Industrial Landfill Levy, Member for South West Coast Roma Britnell said.

Ratepayers in Warrnambool City, Moyne Shire and Glenelg Shire will be paying more as the Andrews Government’s budget comes into effect.

Ms Britnell said last year, the Andrews Labor Government collected $187.9 million in landfill levies, but that figure is set to double to a whopping $374.5 million next year as a result of the increase to Labor’s bin tax.

She said the 60 per cent increase on last year had forced councils to raise their waste collection fees to cover the exorbitant additional costs.

“Every time a bin is lifted into a truck and the waste taken away – that costs a council money,” she said.

“So, when the State Government increases that cost for council’s, the council then of course passes that back to the ratepayer.

“The Andrews Labor Government has overseen a waste crisis in Victoria with tonnes of recyclable material sent to landfill but the only answer they have is to gouge the back pockets of Victorians.”

Ms Britnell said the Liberal National’s have announced a comprehensive plan to deal with the waste crisis, including building waste-to-energy facilities which would ensure zero waste is sent to landfill by 2035.

The plan also includes upgrading our recycling capability to ensure our waste doesn’t have to be shipped overseas or stored in huge stockpiles.

“Daniel Andrews and Labor have no plan for the waste crisis other than to increase taxes,” Ms Britnell said.

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