Britnell backs Return the Firestick

Member for South West Coast Roma Britnell has backed the Liberal Nationals commitment to fund Return the Firestick – a program to study and use indigenous fire management practices.

Mrs Britnell said an elected Liberal National Government would fund and support the Return the Fire Stick Program, which includes the training and employing of up to 40 indigenous fire practitioners across the state.

She said the program would help rebuild and reinforce ancient cultural knowledge of Indigenous people in land management.

“We can learn so much about how traditional owners managed, protected and rejuvenated our landscapes in the past and this program puts science behind the methods traditional owners used for centuries,” Mrs Britnell said.

“We’ve all heard stories of low intensity cultural burnings, how they reduced undergrowth, rejuvenated landscapes and reduced the risk of large bushfires.

“Having worked closely with local indigenous community before joining parliament, I’m proud the Liberal Nationals have made this important commitment.”

Mrs Britnell said the Liberal National’s $28.8 million commitment would ensure a leadership role for local indigenous communities, sharing of cultural knowledge and skills while delivering positive land management outcomes like healthier ecosystems and reduced fire risks.


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