Britnell calls for urgent action to fix Bolwarra school speed signs

Member for South West Coast Roma Britnell has asked for urgent action to repair an electronic speed sign that warns motorists a school is nearby.

The sign on the Henty Highway at Bolwarra reduces the speed limit to 60 near the primary school during pick up and drop off times, to allow parents to turn onto and off the highway safely.

Mrs Britnell said she has been contacted by parents because the sign on the Heywood side of the school has not been working for two weeks.

“I’ve raised this with VicRoads and with the Minister as a matter of priority,” Mrs Britnell said.

“The Henty Highway is an incredibly busy stretch of road with one truck a minute going past the school, on their way to and from the Port of Portland.

“The signs are there for safety, to slow trucks and cars down during the busy pick up and drop off time. To have them not working for two weeks is not acceptable.

“I’ve asked Minister Donnellan to ensure this is resolved as quickly as possible.”


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