Britnell demands answers after train air conditioning fails again

South West Coast MP Roma Britnell is demanding answers after air conditioning failed on several Warrnambool line trains last week.

Mrs Britnell has written to Public Transport Minister Melissa Horne asking for an explanation as to why passengers were allowed to remain in carriages that had no air conditioning when the outside temperature was over 30 degrees.

“I’ve had contact from several people who were on the train who reported feeling dehydrated, exhausted and faint after travelling the whole journey without air conditioning when the outside temperature was 34 degrees,” Mrs Britnell said.

“I’m told that while the train staff did the best they could, passengers were not offered a cool drink.

“This is the same situation I personally experienced in 2017, nothing has changed. In that situation, coaches were offered for part of the journey – but that didn’t happen this time.”

She said at that time she was told that V/Line was replacing air-conditioning units on V/Line’s older trains.

“I’ll be seeking advice from the Minister as to why after two years air conditioning is still failing on Warrnambool line trains.”

Mrs Britnell said she is continually told not just the air conditioning that is breaking down – told that toilets are often not working and in many instances have been out of action for weeks – particularly those with disability access.

“It’s not good enough; passengers pay a significant price for travel and rightly expect to be comfortable for the journey.”

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