Britnell supports Assisted Dying Legislation

Member for South West Coast Roma Britnell this afternoon spoke in favour of assisted dying becoming legal in Victoria.

Mrs Britnell reflected on her 30 year nursing career and recalled patients she nursed through the final stages of their life.

She told the Parliament she has spent considerable time discussing the legislation with former colleagues, nurses and other clinicians, doctors and specialists – those experienced in treating the type of patients this legislation may affect.

She also spoke about the large number of constituents who have contacted her and thanked them for sharing their stories.

Mrs Britnell said through her consultation and extensive studying the legislation she believed it was a strong, compassionate and safe way to allow people who are in the terminal stage of a terminal illness some self-determination about their final moments of life.

“This legislation is narrow – deliberately so. It will be for people who actually don’t have the choice of living. The outcome will be the same if they take this pathway or not – their life will shortly come to an end,” Mrs Britnell said

“Disability, age and mental illness are not reasons alone and anyone wishing to end their life because of these factors alone will not be eligible for assisted dying.”

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