Call for massive budget boost for roads

Member for South West Coast Roma Britnell has called on the State Government to make a massive budget commitment to road repair and maintenance in the south-west region.

Speaking in Parliament on Thursday, Ms Britnell said the budget should have a focus on upgrading and improving existing infrastructure – with a focus on regional roads.

“The Grattan Institute’s latest report says taxpayers would get bigger bang for their buck if money was spent more on upgrading existing infrastructure,” she said.

“Our local roads are falling apart – they are so bad it’s now the point where they can no longer handle rainfall. After a usual downpour they are full of pot-holes.

“I’m calling on the Andrews Labor Government to take the advice from the Grattan Institute on board and to use this budget – which has been touted as big spending, job creating, covid recovery budget – to look beyond the city and to invest in regional roads and particularly those in the south-west.

“It would create jobs, ensure producers have efficient routes to market and most importantly keep people safe while they go about their daily business.”

Ms Britnell said her call for investment was about need, not want.

“We aren’t asking for shiny new roads for the sake of it, we need them,” she said.

“We need to the to keep our people safe, we need them to ensure our world class produce can efficiently get to market and we need them because our region deserves quality roads just like the city.”


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