CFA fight far from over

Dear Editor,

The CFA issue hasn’t gone away or been forgotten about. I am still fighting.

With James Merlino and Daniel Andrews’ hand-picked CFA board now in place and the court injunction expired, it’s only a matter of time before this union appeasing deal is signed off on.

I want to make it perfectly clear that I value the role of career firefighters – they are an essential part of Victoria’s fire service.

But the balance between career and volunteer firefighters has to be correct and this deal does nothing to address that balance.

This deal does nothing to improve safety for firefighters – career or volunteers –it flies in the face of the CFA’s volunteer charter and fails when it comes to equal opportunity.

The deal is nothing more than a way for Daniel Andrews to pay back his union mates that helped make him Premier.

People deny that, but how do they explain successive senior figures “resigning” from various roles.

Rather than backing a flawed deal which takes power away from CFA management and hands it to the United Firefighters Union, they acted ethically, with integrity and refused to comply.

In return, the Premier forced them out, for no other reason than because they wouldn’t agree with him.

This fight is far from over and I won’t back away.

Roma Britnell MP

Member for South West Coast.


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