Common sense approach needed for Portland bridge height issues

Member for South West Coast Roma Britnell has called on roads minister Jaala Pulford to take a common sense approach to fixing height issues with the Bridgewater Road overpass on the Ring Road.

In Parliament on Tuesday, Ms Britnell said there was an easy and common sense solution to the issue, which is forcing trucks carrying wind farm components onto local roads.

“Simply dig out underneath the overpass and lower the road – if drainage then comes a problem, install a pump like farmers do when building cattle underpasses,” she said.

“There is no need for long and expensive studies and no need to spend millions of dollars replacing and rebuilding the overpass.

“Having these heavy trucks using local roads rather than the Ring Road is not a long term solution and I call on the Minister to work through the issues as a matter of priority.”

Ms Britnell said height restrictions have the potential to hamper other industries into the future and as such may force companies to avoid the Port of Portland.

“As the local member and the shadow minister, this is something I do not want to see happen,” she said.

“As the Minister is also the upper house member representing the region, I don’t believe she would like to see any disadvantage to the Port of Portland.”  

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