Common sense prevails with manure laws

Member for South West Coast Roma Britnell says common sense has prevailed with the Andrews Government and the EPA backing down from controversial changes to how farmers could use animal manure on their farms.

She said the Government’s back down was a win for strong advocacy from the Victorian Farmers Federation, farmers, herself and her colleagues.

Under proposed changes, animal manure would have been classified as industrial waste and would have created a new level of red tape for farmers to be able to use animal manure the way they have for centuries.

Ms Britnell said the backdown means farmers will be able to continue to take delivery of and use animal manure as fertiliser as normal, without the need for permits.

“Farmers have recycled waste product like this for years without issue. Farmers understand the importance of balancing the inputs and outputs – it’s called the ecosystem and their success depends on it,” she said.

“I’m pleased that this ridiculous proposal, which was total over reach, has been scrapped.

“All it showed was how out of touch the Andrews Government and the EPA was with the agriculture sector. It showed that they have no idea about how farming works and what farmers do each and every day to work responsibly with the environment.”

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