Community voices ignored by Planning Minister on Dutton Way decision.

27 March 2024

Community voices ignored by Planning Minister on
Dutton Way decision.

Member for South West Coast has expressed her disappointment at the Minister for
Planning’s decision to ignore community concerns and approve the Yumbah Aquaculture
abalone farm at 315 Dutton Way, Bolwarra.

“I have been engaging with constituents on this matter for many years, and the feedback is
always the same. They feel ignored by the Minister, who has not engaged with them, and this
decision reflects that,” said Ms Britnell.

“The Minister has overridden courts and communities, taking the decision making straight to
a panel in the city and to the Ministers desk, cutting out the people and the communities that
are affected the most by this development.

“We all want development and local jobs, but getting the balance right is key. For the Planning
Minister to make a decision of such scale without even speaking with those impacted or
visiting the site highlights how this city centric Allan Labor Government have no respect for
country communities”.

This decision also follows the recent announcement by the Victorian Labor Government to
fast-track renewable energy projects, both on and offshore. Under the Allan Labor
Government’s accelerated planning pathway, there are fears South-West Coast community
members will not have their voices heard, with projects under the Development Facilitation
Program not facing a planning panel process or allowing third-party appeals to be raised at

Member for South-West Coast, Roma Britnell, said: “This move is an affront to our community
and the right to have a say about what gets built in our backyard”.

Roma Britnell MP
Member for South West Coast
Shadow Minister for Ports and Freight
Shadow Minister for Child Protection
Shadow Minister for Boating and Fishing

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