Constituency question on Portland Aluminium

My question is to the Minister for Industry and Employment. Minister, what is the government doing to ensure that Portland Aluminium remains a viable employer and to secure the 2000 jobs associated with Portland Aluminium?

The future of Portland Aluminium has again been in the headlines. There are again fears that the smelter is on the brink of closure after an energy supply contract was torn up in an effort to negotiate a better deal. The smelter is the largest employer in Portland, with 500 people employed directly. Around 2000 jobs are indirectly supported by the smelter’s operations across my electorate of South-West Coast.

The smelter’s closure would be a disaster for my community and deliver another body blow to the government’s floundering jobs plan. This along with the condition of roads are two of the biggest issues facing my electorate. It is in the best interests of everyone for the smelter to remain a viable and a significant employer. Minister, what is the government doing to ensure Portland Aluminium remains viable so these 2000 jobs are secure?