Constituency question – Pfizer vaccines

My constituency question is to the Minister for Health, and I am seeking information about the rollout of Pfizer vaccinations to the state-run clinics in Warrnambool and Portland.

I have been contacted by the CEO of a local disability service provider who says that upon speaking with his colleagues in the sector he estimates that only 10 per cent of the workforce in my region has received a COVID-19 vaccination.

I have also had calls from other people eligible for the Pfizer vaccine, many of whom work in the aged-care sector, who have been told to travel to Geelong or Ballarat to get their shot. Minister, the federal government has announced that an extra 100 000 doses of Pfizer will be sent to Victoria over the coming weeks.

I urge you to ensure a large number of these doses are sent to Warrnambool and Portland. We know that the state is responsible for distribution to state-run centres. You have ignored the south-west thus far, and you need to ensure that those new doses are not just added to the stockpile the Andrews government is keeping. Please give my constituents the respect they deserve.

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