Constituency Question: Princess Margaret Rose Caves Lease

My question is to the Minister for Energy, Environment and Climate Change, and I seek the latest information on the lease arrangement for the Princess Margaret Rose Cave. Julie and David Holdsworth are currently operating the site without a lease and as such have no legal agreement. They are deeply concerned about who is liable should someone injure themselves on the site. The previous lease expired in October 2018. All processes have been completed, with documents submitted and terms negotiated and agreed to. A notice of intention to lease was advertised in June last year, and no objections were received. But that is where the process has seemingly ended. There is no further communication from the department about the lease.

On 14 June last year you announced that the site was in line for an upgrade, but again there was no communication with the Holdsworths, and they are unsure if they are still responsible for some of the capital upgrades they agreed to or if they would be covered in your planned upgrades. Minister, this continued inaction shows utter disgrace for the Holdsworths and highlights just how little this government knows about running a business and how challenging that is. It cannot operate effectively.