Constituency Question – South West Coast Roads

My question is for the Minister for Roads and Road Safety, and my question is: what provisions are in contracts to ensure that additional repairs required on recently rebuilt roads are not passed on to the taxpayer? Across my electorate there are examples of newly built sections of roads that are now full of potholes, some just after 12 months. My constituents have had enough. They want to know why this continues to happen and if they are being charged when crews have to come back a second or third time to repair the road that was rebuilt only a few months prior.

My constituents deserve a decent, considered and detailed answer, which this minister is often reluctant to provide, as was the case when he recently responded to my question and ignored the question. The minister is more than happy to come into this chamber and put on a show during his statements, but he is reluctant to take real responsibility for his portfolio and answer the concerns of country people who are putting their lives at risk driving on roads that are seriously dangerous. But what else would you expect from a city-centric government like this? The seriousness of this cannot continue to be ignored.