Constituency question – Warrnambool Base Hospital

My constituency question is to the Minister for Health. Minister, what is the latest information on the second-stage redevelopment of the Warrnambool Base Hospital? Over the past few weeks there have been funding allocations from the Regional Health Infrastructure Fund for planning works at regional hospitals across the state, but there is still nothing for Warrnambool — the largest hospital in the south-west area.

As the minister knows, having finally visited two years after taking the job, the Warrnambool Base Hospital’s emergency department and operating theatres are cramped and not up to standard for the growing population they now serve and the ever-increasing demand they are under.

The theatre has not been expanded since the 1980s when I worked there as a nurse, and since then the regional population and demand has increased year on year.

It is imperative that money be made available immediately to begin planning and that the full project be included in this year’s budget so that the fabulous and hardworking doctors and nurses can do their daily work without constraints so that the people of Warrnambool and South-West Coast can have the necessary health facilities without delay.