Constituency Question – Warrnambool SDS funds

My constituency question is for the Minister for Education, and I ask: what will the unspent $4 million in budget allocations to the Warrnambool Special Developmental School build be used for? Minister, this week the school launched a $1 million fundraising campaign to raise money for items like the construction of a gymnasium, a school oval and a playground — things I would have assumed to be standard in a new school build. It seems unreasonable that the school community is being forced to raise $1 million for basic equipment when budget papers show there is $4 million in remaining expenditure from the two budget allocations you were forced into providing on the back of community outrage. There is at least $735 000 left over from the first budget allocation because the land was purchased cheaper than the $5 million allocated — even that $735 000 would help. Minister, I ask: what will the remaining $4 million be spent on?