Constituency question – Warrnambool Special Developmental School

My question is to the Minister for Education and I am seeking information about lease arrangements for the land purchased by the department for the future home of the Warrnambool Special Developmental School. Minister, as you know, the Warrnambool Special Developmental School has outgrown its current site in Hyland Street. You may remember visiting in October 2014 when you proclaimed that only Labor would build a new special development school and told the Warrnambool Standard that conditions there were ‘simply unacceptable’.

Well, nothing has changed, Minister. The site is still not fit for purpose. Since then a block of land has been purchased and the planning done. This project is ready to start, but there has not been anything else mentioned about funding for the actual job of building the new school, much to the disgust of parents, teachers and the community in general who are so desperate to get this project started. The land has a dwelling on it, which has since been leased by the department. I am seeking information about the length of that lease and if income from rent is going into general departmental coffers or is being quarantined. Minister, what are the lease arrangements for this block of land?