D’Ambrosio fails to solve recycling crisis.

Minister for the Environment Lily D’Ambrosio has shirked her responsibility and walked away from discussions about the recycling crisis gripping South West Coast councils.

The Minister has been meeting with contractors for the past week, promising she would fix the problem by Tuesday – but on Thursday night she had walked away from the table, failing to find a solution.

Her failure leaves waste management business, who want to do the right thing by the environment, faced with enormous increases in costs, which they may have to pass back to councils and ratepayers.

Her failure will increase the cost of living for South West Coast locals and leave the employees of waste management companies vulnerable.

Quotes attributable to Roma Britnell MP, Member for South West Coast

Lily D’Ambrosio told waste management companies to keep quiet and that she would fix the problem – she’s failed miserably.

The State Government collects hundreds of millions from local governments each year in waste management levies – rather than spending it on new parks for metro Melbourne and solar powered trams – its time this money was used to support South West Coast councils and waste management businesses to cover the huge cost increases they are now facing.

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