Data the answer to guiding road improvements

Failure to capture appropriate data and information about road crashes and road conditions is hindering Victoria’s road toll response.

The Parliamentary Inquiry into the increase in Victoria’s road toll has recommended data collection on road maintenance be improved and that Victoria Police begin capturing non-injury crash data in order to help assess emerging road safety trends.

Poor data sets have been a feature of nearly every Auditor-General’s report into road safety or road maintenance, meaning when decisions are being made about road maintenance projects and the rollout of safety measures, they aren’t necessarily being directed to the right areas.

Collecting data is a basic fundamental of any organisation to make sure the decisions being made are the right ones. Daniel Andrews must adopt these recommendations to ensure we have the whole picture about what is occurring on our roads.

Comments attributable to Shadow Minister for Rural Roads, Roma Britnell:

“If you don’t have all the data, you don’t have the whole picture of what’s happening on our roads and it impossible to tell if resources are being delivered to the right areas.

“Various Auditor-General’s reports have shown that there is a scatter gun approach to road maintenance in Victoria and that’s because of poor data.

“The Andrews Labor Government must adopt these recommendations to ensure they have the full picture when making decisions about road infrastructure and road safety.”

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