Disappointment as cost of living pushed up

electirictyMember for South West Coast Roma Britnell says she is disappointed Upper House MP James Purcell has voted to increase the cost of living for Victorians.

On Wednesday night, Mr Purcell voted against a Liberal Party amendment which would have seen the royalties paid on brown coal remains at current levels.

The state Labor government is proposing to triple the royalties which government department officials have confirmed will increase electricity prices for consumers.
“The state government is calling this an increase on royalties, the reality is this is simply a new tax,” Mrs Britnell said.

“Businesses who are paying this tax will no doubt pass these extra costs onto consumers, driving up the price of electricity.

“Electricity is a vital necessity for farmers and dairy processors which supply our domestic and export markets. This new tax will hurt dairy farmers who are in no position to be slugged with extra costs.”

“Labor’s new tax will affect everyone in our region, from those living in town to our farmers on the land.”

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