Feds take action on road toll while Labor sits on its hands

As Victoria’s road toll continues its tragic upwards trend, the Federal Liberal Nationals Government is taking action by establishing a Joint Select Committee on Road Safety.

In stark comparison the Andrews Labor Government continues to sit idly by as the road toll continues to rise.

182 people have lost their lives on Victorian roads so far this year, an increase of nearly 50% when compared to the same time last year.

One of Daniel Andrews’ first moves following the election was to abolish the long-standing road safety committee of the Victorian Parliament.

This committee had a long and proud history of making significant change to road safety in Victoria – it was on that committees’ recommendation wearing seatbelts became mandatory.

When the Liberal Nationals attempted to establish a non-partisan, Joint Select Committee to come up with policies to address the critical issue of Victoria’s 14-year high road toll – Labor refused to support it.

Labor’s answer is to hold road safety forums across the state – with no commitment to do anything about the information they receive or the issues people raise.

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