Former fire station should be taken off the open market

Member for South west Coast Roma Britnell has called for the former Warrnambool Fire Station to be taken off the open market.

In an email to the Acting Minister for Emergency Services Danny Pearson and Minister for Education James Merlino, Ms Britnell said the land should be transferred to the Department of Education for use by the Warrnambool Primary School.

She said the Government’s explanation that the school had enough learning spaces for 2021 enrolments failed to take into account the future needs of the school.

“The school is already fairly constrained when it comes to outdoor spaces and Warrnambool is a growing regional centre,” she said.

“The Government’s response is short sighted – governments should be looking for future options for the use of land in its control, not selling it off to the highest bidder.”

Ms Britnell said she has been contacted by a number of people over the past week expressing concerns with the plan to sell off the former fire station.

“I’d encourage anyone who has these concerns to email both Minister Pearson and Minister Merlino to make your thoughts known,” she said.

“Once that land is gone, it’s gone for good and the school will be confined to its existing footprint.

“The ball is in the government’s court – they can listen to the desire of the community or they can push ahead and sell the land to the highest bidder.”



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