Go west – but not too far west

The Labor State Government has again showed its contempt for regional Victoria with the announcement of a $1.8 billion road repair package in Melbourne’s Western Suburbs, Member for South West Coast Roma Britnell says.

“Apparently “out west” doesn’t extend as far as the Western District,” she said.

“While our roads are falling apart, Daniel Andrews and Luke Donnellan make the suburbs their focus.

“This morning’s announcement again shows how city centric this State Government is. If it’s beyond the metropolitan area, they just don’t care.

“People are putting their lives at risk every single day on roads in south-west Victoria. The Premier knows this, so does the roads minister, but they are sitting on their hands.

“At the announcement the Minister Donnellan said ‘access to decent roads can mean the difference between hours stuck in the car or time spent with their family’.

“Unfortunately in south-west Victoria, the condition of our roads could mean someone doesn’t make it home to their family.”

Mrs Britnell said this morning’s announcement was an insult to the people of South West Coast who have been lobbying for action.

She said Glenelg Shire had been actively seeking funding, launching three videos highlighting the condition of the roads and compiling the Green Triangle Freight Action Plan.

“The community have also been active, I am being contacted daily by constituents raising their concerns about the roads – all of which are passed onto the Minister,” she said.

“The roads in the Glenelg Shire have been declared the worst in the state, they need around $180 million to bring key freight roads back up to scratch.

“The Minister launched the Green Triangle Freight Action plan and said there was more work to do. But he’s gone missing and is trying to shift the blame to everyone else.

“It’s time the State Government looked beyond the metropolitan boundary and started governing for the whole state.”

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