Government must act on Allansford safety concerns

Member for South West Coast Roma Britnell and Shadow Minister for Rural Roads has called on the state government to address safety concerns residents of Allansford have raised about traffic turning onto the Princes Highway.

Ms Britnell said the community has raised several times with the department the need for something to be done along the Princes Highway to improve safety for vehicles turning from Garibaldi Lane and Grauers Road.

Ms Britnell said since the closure of the Ziegler Parade Bridge to heavy vehicles, including school busses, the number of vehicles turning from those roads onto the highway has significantly increased.

“The highway is 100km/h in that section and the community has raised concerns with me, and the department, that it’s dangerous to have vehicles like school busses that are a little slower to get moving, turning onto the highway when through vehicles are travelling at speed,” Ms Britnell said.

“A meeting was held in August, where a representative from Regional Roads Victoria was present and said works they were planning to address the concerns involved installing a center of the road wire rope barrier and some changes to painted traffic islands.

“At that meeting the community said their solutions would make little difference because the main concern was about slow vehicles turning onto a high speed section of a busy road in increasing numbers.

“The community asked for a new review of the highway’s speed which took into account the changed situation with the closure of the bridge. So far that request has been denied and it seems the wire rope barrier solution is going ahead.”

Ms Britnell said the Government needed to take into account the changed situation with the closure of the bridge to heavy vehicles and determine if the proposed works are still the best solution.

“My office has been working closely with the community and have made representations to the Minister on this issue. So far, they have gone unanswered. It is time for her to take these matters seriously and address the concerns of the Allansford community in a meaningful way.”

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