Government’s new road safety strategy a cop out


South West Coast MP Roma Britnell says the Labor Government’s latest road strategy will do little to improve safety and will enrage country Victorians.

The Andrews Labor Government wants to impose 80 kilometre speed limits on council managed local roads across country Victoria.

Mrs Britnell said the program treats country people with disrespect, will do little to prevent road deaths and will impede productivity.

“Country people already drive to the conditions, what they actually want is their roads brought up to a decent state,” Mrs Britnell said.

“There is $1.4 billion of funding available for rural roads. That’s made up of $700 million from the lease of the Port of Melbourne and a further $345 from the Federal Government, if the state matches it.

“When is the State Government going to start using that money for its intended purpose?

“This is at least an admission roads are in poor condition, but rather than spending money to fix them properly, the government is just going to stick up some signs. It’s a waste, a cop out and a quick fix.”

Mrs Britnell said the state government’s plan once again showed how out of touch Labor is with regional Victoria.

“Country people shouldn’t, and won’t, stand for this. It’s another example of the Andrews Labor Government not knowing what happens outside the city,” she said.



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