Roads Minster Luke Donnellan and Member for Western Victoria James Purcell have hoodwinked road users, South West Coast MP Roma Britnell says.

Last week’s announcement of $44 million for road repairs across the region has been exposed as nothing but spin, with the majority of the funding made up of the yearly maintenance allocation.

“There was very little new money in this announcement,” Mrs Britnell said.

“Minister Donnellan and Mr Purcell tricked people into believing it was all new money. When in actual fact they were just announcing how VicRoads would spend its yearly maintenance allocation.

“The Minister was happy to pose for photographs and Mr Purcell was quick to tell the media how he had helped attract this funding, but in reality, they money was already there.”

Mrs Britnell said she hoped the Minister would return to the south-west to make a real commitment to repairing roads, with new money for the Green Triangle Freight Action Plan and a commitment to match the Turnbull Government’s funding commitments for the Henty and Princes Highways.

“It’s the very least he could do. He’s been here and seen the condition of our roads first hand,” Mrs Britnell said.

“Surely he saw the dire need for repairs and how people’s safety was being put at risk.

“The minister has treated the region with contempt for too long and we won’t stand by and let it continue.

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