Information sought about public housing spend

Member for South West Coast Roma Britnell has asked the Minister for Housing Richard Wynn what the government’s planned social housing spend will deliver in Warrnambool.

In Parliament this week, Ms Britnell said access to affordable housing was one of the key issues raised with her.

She said the Government is on the record as saying a minimum of $25 million of the $5 billion social housing program would be spent in Warrnambool – but there were no details on how that money would be spent or how many new properties would be built.

“I’m seeking some specific information from the Minister about what that much needed funding will deliver,” she said.

“We need to see a net gain in properties and properties that meet the changing demand, particularly one and two bedroom properties.”

Ms Britnell said Infrastructure Victoria’s 30-year strategy found that social housing has not kept pace with overall growth in housing and the current unmet demand in Warrnambool is estimated to be over 1400 dwellings.

The report also found that just 23 per cent of new lettings in Warrnambool are affordable to lower income households, compared to an average of 40 per cent across Victoria.

“It’s a major issue and one that needs to be addressed. Renewal of old properties is important, but we also need to have new dwellings added to the system if we are going to start meeting that demand,” Ms Britnell said.

“Infrastructure Victoria has recommended not only a rapid renewal of old properties but an expansion of social housing in regional centers like Warrnambool.

“There is clear evidence Warrnambool needs more affordable housing and I want to know that the Government’s funding commitment will actually deliver what is needed.”

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