Investment campaign fails to recognise life beyond the tram tracks.

The State Government’s new trade and investment campaign has failed to promote regional Victoria, South West Coast MP Roma Britnell says.

The state of momentum campaign was launched in Melbourne on Thursday, but Mrs Britnell said the associated campaign materials focused too heavily on the state capital.

“While I agree Victoria is a state of momentum, there is so much more to Victoria than Melbourne,” Mrs Britnell said.

“The campaigns catch cry is State of Momentum, but it focuses on Melbourne only. There are businesses all over Victoria doing amazing things that appear to have been ignored from this campaign.

“Business like Coastal Seafarms at Portland, which has invested $4 million to expand its operation which exports local product around the globe.”

Mrs Britnell said Melbourne’s population growth was unsustainable and would eventually compromise the city’s treasured most liveable status.

“We need to be a state of cities, not a city state,” she said.

“Regional Victoria, particularly South West Coast, is ripe for growth and investment. We have transport links and easy access to global export markets through the Port of Portland.

“The State Government needs to realise the potential that lies beyond the tram tracks and make the most of it.”

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