James Purcell FINALLY talking about Warrnambool SDS

I’m so pleased that our conversation has forced Mr Purcell into action – even if he has taken what was said completely out of context.

He’s been shamefully silent on this issue for the past three years.

I agree a year is too long to wait – but this project has been stalled for three years – which is also the amount of time Mr Purcell has been claiming to have almighty influence over government decisions.

If he has this influence, why has it taken him so long to act? Why is the new school still waiting for funding? Why hasn’t he viewed this as an important project until now?

I’m, as always, working with my team to secure a funding commitment for the Warrnambool SDS and other key regional projects, but the fact remains the Labor Government has had three long years and not even half the job has been done.

Mr Purcell is complicit in this shameful delay and he knows it. That’s why he’s now playing this pathetic political game.


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