Labor caught re-announcing old money

Labor has again been caught pulling the wool over the eyes of the people of Portland.

On Tuesday, Labor’s Parliamentary Secretary for Regional Victoria Danielle Green was in Portland to launch the City’s Industrial Land Strategy & Investment Prospectus.

The media release distributed shortly after the event said Ms Green launched the strategy with a $150,000 contribution from the state government.

But there was no new money. The $150,000 contribution was funded by the previous Liberal-National Government and announced in August 2014 by former Premier Denis Napthine.

The Regional Development Victoria website includes a list of projects funded by the former Liberal- National government, between 2010-2014, that list includes the Portland Industrial Land Strategy.

“Once again, Labor pretend they are the champions of the south-west, but they just come here to announce old money committed by the previous government,” Member for South West Coast Roma Britnell said.

“Last year, the Roads Minister Luke Donnellan came and a “big boost to spending in the south-west” that was later revealed to be less than the region’s annual allocation from VicRoads.

“It’s an insult to the people of the south-west that their state government continually tries to hoodwink them.”

Mrs Britnell said the Portland Industrial Land strategy was completed in August 2016 and is culmination of two years of detailed research, assessment and engagement with the community and key stakeholders.

“This plan provides a comprehensive, detailed direction and will clear up the land zoning anomalies that have been hampering industry and business development,” Mrs Britnell said.

“I congratulate the Glenelg Shire for all their hard work on the plan and look forward to welcoming new and exciting businesses into the Portland and South West Coast community.”

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