Labor must look beyond the tram tracks to deliver fair rate rises for farmers

Daniel Andrews must explain why South West Coast farmers are paying municipal rate rises well above the 2.5 per cent rate cap his government claims is delivering a fair go for ratepayers.

Farmers in the Glenelg Shire are facing rate increases of 10.3 per cent, and other councils are increasing rates for agricultural land well above the 2.5 per cent cap.

An increase in land values is blamed for the rise in the Glenelg Shire on the back of the booming timber industry, but market prices for other agricultural land is not reflective of that valuation increases.

Once again, Daniel Andrews has put in place a policy that is focused on keeping people in the inner city happy, while our farmers are left out in the cold with huge increases in their council rates.

But what else could be expected from a government that doesn’t recognise life beyond the tram tracks.

Daniel Andrews must step in and ensure there is a mechanism for councils to ensure fair and equitable valuations and rate rises for rural landholders that give all property owners a fair go.

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