Labor spends big on campaigning while road toll soars

Families are losing loved ones to Victoria’s country roads at a staggering rate while Daniel Andrews is busy acting as Bill Shorten’s campaign manager.

The road toll is out of control, particularly on regional roads where 73 people have died so far this year, an increase of 74 per cent when compared to the same time last year.

While this crisis is unfolding on our regional roads Daniel Andrews is bombarding letterboxes in marginal electorates with propaganda backing his Labor mates in Canberra.

It follows his taxpayer funded campaign that had flooded print, radio and TV advertising as well as being featured on the boundary fencing at AFL Games and on podcasts.

This is costing Victorian taxpayers millions of dollars. 

How many road shoulders and pot holes could have been repaired using that money?

How many kilometers of country roads would it have resurfaced and repaired? How many safety improvements could have been made?

Daniel Andrews has his priorities completely wrong. Rather than spending millions of dollars on political propagander, he should be using that money to address the crisis on Victoria roads with real actions – not talk fests with groups the government should already regularly be speaking with in relation to road safety. 

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