Labor’s band-aid solution to fix Victoria’s roads

A report from Victorian Parliamentary Inquiry into the increase in Victoria’s road toll, released today, has recommended the Andrews Labor Government review speed limits on all rural and regional roads.

Lowering speed limits rather than fixing the road surface is a lazy option and a band-aid solution that will continue to put Victorian motorists at risk.

The Andrews Labor Government has refused to recognise that poor road surfaces and conditions are a contributing factor in road deaths and instead focus on other factors like speed limits in isolation.

Improving road safety on rural and regional roads needs to be a holistic approach that takes into account every single aspect of the road – including the condition of the surface, not just the speed limit.

Comments attributable to Shadow Minister for Rural Roads, Roma Britnell:

“Years of neglect means our country roads are crumbling, yet the Andrews Labor Government’s answer is to lower the speed limit and say job done.

“It’s a lazy option and isn’t the way to fix the safety issues on our roads.

“Labor needs to look at the problem as a whole and actually invest in fixing road surfaces to make them safer for motorists, not just stick up a sign and walk away.”

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