Labor’s city-centric view on show in Parliament this week

South West Coast MP Roma Britnell says the Andrews Labor Government is failing to live up to its promise to govern for all Victorians.

Mrs Britnell said twice in Parliament this week, Government MPs touted the line Labor was getting things done for all Victorians.

On Wednesday morning, Public Transport Minister Jacinta Allan told the house the State Government was delivering “new, modern” trains for Victorians.

“I think commuters on the Warrnambool line who are travelling in carriages built in the 1960s would disagree with Minister Allan’s comments,” Mrs Britnell said.

“There has been no mention of new rolling stock for the Warrnambool line, but the Minister says she is delivering new modern trains to Victorian’s. Either she doesn’t consider Warrnambool line users as Victorians, or she has no idea there is life beyond Geelong.”

Mrs Britnell said on Wednesday afternoon the Member for St Albans Natalie Suleyman said Labor was “governing for all Victorians, no matter what their postcode”, while discussing the removal of level crossings in the metropolitan area.

“This project will have little impact on the people of South West Coast, so I’m not sure how the Member for St Albans can say it shows Labor is governing for all of Victoria, it shows they are governing for Melbourne,” Mrs Britnell said.

“These are just two examples of the city centric nature of this Government. There has been minimal effort from this government to support rural and regional areas.

“Our roads are the worst in the state, yet the Government has failed to deliver any new funding to help make improvements that will keep our people safe and keep our agricultural businesses efficient.

“The Government is flush with cash after leasing the Port of Melbourne, there are no more excuses for Labor’s neglect of regional areas. Their job is to govern the entire state, not just those within the metropolitan boundaries.”

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