Labor’s roads excuses run out

The release of Infrastructure Victoria’s 30-year strategy means Luke Donnellan has run out of excuses for not funding improvements to regional roads, Member for South West Coast Roma Britnell says.

The report, by the Labor Government’s hand-picked advisors, says there needs to be additional support for road maintenance and upgrades in regional Victoria over the next five to 30 years

“This program will provide extra support to assist local government to maintain and upgrade local regional roads to improve access to jobs and services and meet the needs of first and last-mile freight in regional areas,” the report says.

Infrastructure Victoria says a “transparent framework to distribute funds should be developed, which relies on local government knowledge of priorities given its role as asset owners and managers”.

Mrs Britnell said the Labor Government has now run out of excuses and must fund road repairs in South West Coast.

“The Government is flushed with cash after a $9.7 billion windfall from the Port of Melbourne Lease and now this report is recommending increased regional road funding. There are no more excuses,” Mrs Britnell said.

“It now seems the only ones who don’t agree our roads need fixing are Luke Donnellan and Daniel Andrews.

“Rather than trying to hoodwink the good people of South West Coast by announcing $44 million of pre-existing road funding, Luke Donnellan needs to deliver real action.”

The report also calls for a program to upgrade roads and bridges to accommodate High Productivity Freight Vehicles.

“The inability to use AB-double and A-double tankers in South West Coast to their full capacity is hurting dairy and meat processors,” Mrs Britnell said.

“These trucks allow more products to be transport in one go. It means less traffic movements and less damage to public and farm roads.”

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