Letter to the editor – Restoring the CFA

When Daniel Andrews smashed apart the CFA, I stood with our proud volunteers and said I would have their backs.

Earlier this year I was proud to announce that should the Liberal Nationals win government in 2022, we will Rebuild the CFA and introduce legislation to restore it as an independent organisation, restoring its power to select, recruit and manage its own staff and wear the CFA uniform.

This week as a first step on that journey, the Liberal Nationals have launched an online consultation process and I am keen to hear from CFA volunteers and members about how they think a newly independent CFA should look.

We believe the Andrews Labor Government has undermined the CFA as an independent, volunteer-based firefighting service with the commencement of the new union-led organisation, Fire Rescue Victoria (FRV).

We are also deeply concerned that over recent years that thousands of CFA volunteers have left the service since Labor started this war against the CFA.

Our legislation will enhance the CFA’s powers and responsibilities for the ongoing delivery of fire services in current CFA areas.

We will be consulting with Volunteer Fire Brigades Victoria (VFBV), CFA brigades and volunteers across Victoria to identify the essential powers, people and resources that are needed to rebuild and restore the CFA.

I am asking local south-west CFA volunteers are being asked to provide their direct input on how to best rebuild the CFA and can do so now online at www.rebuildthecfa.com.au/volunteer/.

Community members wishing to show their support for their local CFA volunteers can also sign a petition at www.rebuildthecfa.com.au/.

I said I would always have the backs of our CFA volunteers who always have the backs of our community and I’m proud to begin this journey to restoring the CFA as an independent emergency service.

Roma Britnell MP

State Member for South West Coast

Shadow Minister for Rural Roads 

Shadow Minister for Ports and Freight



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