Letter to the Editor: Roads petition

In the nearly four years since I was elected as Member for South West Coast, I have been taking the message of this region to Spring Street, using every opportunity I have to raise the condition of our roads.

But now more than ever I need the communities’ support. This week I have launched a petition calling on the government to provide greater funding to help bring south-west roads back to a safe standard.

This is a fight for our whole community, every single one of us use our roads in some way, be it children travelling to school on the bus, getting to or from work or in the case of the transport industry – using them for work.

We have seen before what can be achieved when we stand together. We were told we would never have an Air Ambulance Helicopter based in the region but the community; a petition attracted 28,000 signatures, the second biggest the Victorian Parliament had ever received. That chopper has now been here for 10 years and looked after more than 2000 people in their time of need.

Our community was told it would never have a cancer centre, but again we rallied and now we have a wonderful facility that is helping keep people close to home, their families and friends as they have treatment for cancer.

Over the coming weeks I will be out-and-about, across the region, collecting signatures and I ask for your support to help me send a strong message.

The parliament will only accept hard copy petitions – electronic petitions are not accepted – so I need people to help me collect as many signatures as possible. If you can help, I would love to hear from you.

This is our opportunity to send a strong message to the Labor Government that enough is enough; we will not stand-by any longer as our roads fall apart and while billions of dollars are pumped into projects in the city.

Stand with me, together I know we can achieve great things for our region.

Roma Britnell MP

Member for South West Coast

Shadow Minister for Rural Roads

Shadow Minister for Ports and Freight

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