Letter to the Editor – Vaccinations

If we have any chance of returning to a normal way of life and break the ongoing cycle of blanket lockdowns, there is one thing we can all do right now to make it happen.

Get a COVID-19 Vaccination now.

The best type of vaccination is the one that is available to you now. There are thousands of doses of AstraZeneca available across Victoria right now – it’s safe and it’s incredibly effective against the COVID-19 vaccine.

But they are no good sitting in a fridge – they need to be in people’s arms.

There has been a lot made of the complications that are associated with the AstraZeneca but in reality, they are incredibly rare.

The chance of death from the vaccine is 1 in 1,000,000.

You are four times more likely to be struck by lightning than dying from having the AstraZeneca Vaccine.

I’ve had both doses of the AstraZeneca – I had zero side effects and zero complications. I’ve encouraged my four children to have it as well.

I understand that for very few people it may not be the right vaccine due to their medical conditions, but for most, it is perfectly safe and highly effective.

This virus isn’t going anywhere, it’s not going to just disappear, people will still get sick into the future with COVID-19.

But with high levels of vaccination, the symptoms will be minimised, transmission will be less and we will be able to live with COVID-19 the same way we do the flu or the common cold.

But we need to vaccinate and we need to do it as quick as possible so we can return to a normal way of life.

Please make an appointment today and let’s get out of these lockdowns and return to the way of life we all love so much.

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