Local charities slugged with Labor’s bin tax

Member for South West Coast Roma Britnell says local charities will be slugged thousands of dollars as Labor’s increased bin tax comes into play.

Local Charities and not-for-profits, like WDEA Works Social Enterprises, will be hit hard with the Municipal and Industrial Landfill Levy increasing by 60 per cent.

Ms Britnell raised the matter in Parliament last week and called on the Government to give charities and not for profits a break.

“Groups like WDEA do a fantastic job diverting product from landfill through their op-shops and recycling projects. “Across Victoria charities, churches and not-for-profits divert over 158 000 tonnes from Victorian landfill and give 68 million products a second life every year.

“But there is inevitably some waste but rather than thanking these groups for helping the Government meet it’s recycling and landfill targets – The Andrews Government is slugging them with increased taxes.” Ms Britnell also called on the Andrews Government to provide supports to groups who are accepting E-Waste from the community.

“The issue faced by organisations like WDEA is that they are left covering the cost of disposing of the components of E-waste that cannot be recycled without any support from the state government, which of course increases costs,” she said.

“When e-waste is delivered, WDEA uses its all-abilities workforce to take it apart and separate the components that can be re-used and recycled, but despite this they are left with large amounts of waste that has nowhere else to go other than landfill.

“The cost of disposing of that comes back to WDEA, taking away from the other programs they can run for their all-abilities team.

“The Andrews Government changed the way e-waste is disposed of, and it should be assisting organisations like WDEA to get rid of what they cannot re-use.”

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