Melissa Horne shows she’s out of touch with Warrnambool line customers

This morning on 3AW, Minister for Public Transport Melissa Horne said in relation to another round of poor V/Line performance data …satisfaction by customers is growing as well. Most of our lines are increasing in their performance and this is terrific news for passengers.

The Minister has once again shown her ignorance to the issues faced by Warrnambool line customers, who regularly deal with cancelled trains and lengthy delays caused by a seemingly never ending run of train faults.

But according to Minister Horne, the satisfaction of customers is growing – despite the fact Warrnambool line trains have failed to meet punctuality targets for nine out of ten months this year and have only exceeded targets just 12 times in the past decade.

Perhaps Minister Horne should come to the south-west and listen to the people who are regularly speaking with me about their dissatisfaction with the rail service.

Melissa Horne has shown how out of touch she is with the real concerns of passengers – it’s very easy to make comments like this from the comfort of her Melbourne office when you’re not engaging with the frustrated people who are continually delayed by an archaic rail service.

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